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Our Amazing Story

In 1990, our founder John H. Moore did something no one in the United States Army Air Cavalry Regiment expected: He applied for, was accepted, and transferred to the Texas Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Command as a Recruiting and Retention NCO. This bold choice—unthinkable to his peers—would open the door to the Marketing & Advertising Department with later positions as Director of the Texas Army National Guard Marketing & Advertising Department, Region 8 Advertising Advisory Chairperson (RAAC), and ultimately, the National Marketing and Advertising Chairperson (MAC) for the United States Army National Guard. Working alone side Arlington, Virginia based LaughlinMarinaccio & OwensInc (LM&O), renowned for groundbreaking creative advertising campaigns, together they designed, marketed, and managed the most successful Marketing and Advertising Campaign (“YOU CAN”) in the history of the Army National Guard… second only the United States Army “Be All You Can Be!” Campaign.

Upon retiring from the Texas Army National Guard in 1999, Mr. Moore’s creativity, leadership, and insatiable desire to “design something that changes the world!” is still the motivating factor found at CURVES graphic design studio. As new and innovative small businesses seek a competitive edge and long-established brands find themselves under intensely shrinking market share, conventional approaches to branding no longer work. Perceiving a paradigm shift in B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), and B2G (Business to Government) personal interactions and communications, CURVES modernized our business practices utilizing the latest technologies to help our clients adjust to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic “new normal” while continuing to build agile brand identities that seize opportunities and increase brand awareness—we “ImprovisedAdapted, and are Overcoming”. We can help your business do the same!

A new opportunity

Seattle, Washington

While the Covid-19 Pandemic drove many businesses to close, downsize, or work remotely… in late July 2020, CURVES Graphic Design Studio relocated its Governmental Affairs Division westward from Sheridan, Wyoming to the Pacific Northwest. CURVES LLC chose Seattle, Washington because of its numerous Military Bases, Department of Defense (DOD) Contractors, International Port, Academic Excellence, Diverse Human Resources, and Environmental Conscientiousness.

Dedicated Support Team

Not only a great design team but we also provide the best customer support!