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Our beginnings...

Founded in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, CURVES Graphic Design Studio uses their digital design skills to create logos, brand identity merchandise, video production, web development, print media, and packaging fulfillment services for the Department of Defense (DOD), Federal, State, and County Governments, Local Municipalities, Non-Profit Organizations, and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). Their modest team of fewer than five employees began designing, manufacturing, and marketing branded merchandise to the United States Army, Army Reserve & Army National Guard in mid-2020.

Welcome to CURVES LLC... a Graphic Design Studio

Q: Why name the company CURVES LLC?

A: That’s a question I get asked frequently. Back in the day (circa 1987), every time I took my artwork to a printer I was asked if I had converted all the fonts to curves (or outlines)… even today, it’s still highly recommended.  As in life, Graphic Design and Illustrations are much more than straight lines—there are always curves! ~John H. Moore, Founder | CEO

Q: So, what are curves (or Bézier Curves)?

A: “A Bézier curve is a parametric curve used in computer graphics and related fields. The curve, which is related to the Bernstein polynomial, is named after Pierre Bézier, who used it in the 1960s for designing curves for the bodywork of Renault cars. Other uses include the design of computer fonts and animation.” ~Wikipedia


We support Veteran-Owned Small-Businesses (VOSBs)!

One FREE 3 Gram (0.11 oz.) Instant Coffee Stick included with every Coffee Mug

Dye Sublimation... absolutely amazing results!

While Screen Printing is cool—Dye Sublimation is a whole nother thing!

So what is Dye Sublimation? In a nutshell, dye sublimation inks can convert from a liquid to a gas when heat and pressure are applied to specially coated materials. In a matter of minutes, a decorator can print full-color, vivid colors, and multiple colors that last a very, very long time! If you’ve seen people wearing “all-over” printed t-shirts similar to the Affliction Clothing brand—it’s dye sublimation. Check out the mug to the left of this article; screen printing can not get this type of result… period!

From coffee mugs, apparel, ceramic tiles, aluminum photo panels, high-density plastics, etc., there are countless substrates available for dye-sublimation applications. Did we mention the detail of the artwork is crisp, clean, and above all else, the color is absolutely amazing?


Graphic Design

Whether you’re a small-business trying to come up with an effective new logo or brand design… or, you’re an established brand looking to expand your market share—our professional, experienced, exceptionally talented creative design team is here to help!

Screen Printing or Embroidery

Make a personal statement with a Screen Printed T-shirt or promote brand awareness with Embroidered apparel… either way, each decoration has its unique application. Less expensive, screen printing offers the flexibility to customize colors and add special effects (glitter, shimmer, or glow in the dark) to get incredible printed results. Embroidery provides a classy look to almost any garment type… the vibrancy of shimmering thread accentuates a logo on a dress shirt, blouse, or outer garment like no other decoration technique.

Branded Merchandise Fulfillment

Every other day the phone rings and an intrusive salesperson disrupts your focus with another lame-o sales pitch about how this new fangled do-dad will bring in more business and profit… uh-huh! Wouldn’t it just be easier to log on to a secured, private website, and select already branded merchandise and check-out? Oh-Yeah!

Introducing CURVES Fulfillment—a FREE (yes, free) service to businesses providing easy, secure, and managed branded merchandise solutions at the click of a button.

Serving the Department of Defense across 150 countries.

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